Wednesday, July 11, 2007

well i hate these bits where you have to talk about yourself. cause what ever i say you may think different. Well, here i go, i respect myself and others, love the outdoors, camping and sports. My friends say that i have a strong personality and great eyes,and big tits lol.One of a kind... I'm easy going and easy to talk to, i'm a great listener so my friends say, i love animals and i don't take ANYTHING for granted..
i would like to find someone to chat with and become friends with...

spend my time actively because I’m a kind of people who just can’t sit on the one place. I like music, TV, movies, especially old movies, I spend my time actively because I’m a kind of people who just can’t sit on the one place. I like music, TV, movies, especially old movies, and ilike going out with my friend tohave fun with them,and i do love sport,golfing ,swemming.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hearing Mozart Support
I have attended AA for 18 years and I find that it is too narrow-minded. I've had God shoved down my throat for years and have been attacked in meetings too many times to count because I had a different opinion that the normal AA-as-a whole view point. I have been given advice from people who have no business giving advice and find the meetings very clickish and redundant and a great number of the people there and on interested in ego gratification. If you are interested in recovery and would like to build a support network outside of AA, please feel free to post or write. Together we can stay sober too

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The alarm clock was difficult this morning with the Living room of Agriculture. Not so much because the exhibitors had the " hangover " or that the cows and the bulls were passably irritated, but because all this beautiful world was late on time. Cock had not sung on the Door of Versailles and, for the first time of history of this living room, the sound of the clock had replaced the cackle of gallinacés.
But is thus. During ten days, it will be necessary to accustom to combine calves, cows, pigs without… brooded. To be unaware of poultry farming without never ceasing speaking about it. To eat chicken legs all while being satisfied to look at the posters.
Because, quoiit arrives, and whatever the performances of our meat breedings, the aviary influenza will be with the " menu " of the living room. One saw well, yesterday, with the visit of the President of the Republic which has elsewhere be equal to itself. Sympathizing for Ain, encouraging for the others, Jacques Chirac exhorted the French to buy chicken, with the same passion which brought, formerly, via its puppet, to propose apples to them. It thus distributed culinary councils and salutary handshakes, joining to it epic to the word and consuming with full mouthful two or three specimens of the country of Bresse.
Truer than true. One would have believed oneself at the Puppets of Info.
The professionals will have to accustom to this difficult absence also curiously presents. Obligatory with the pause lunch and non-existent in the alleys. Because, even they wanted to forget, they will be, each day, caught up with by chicken. Each sixty announced personality will want to taste indeed there and go there from its own verse on the subject. It will be known thus, for example, if Ségolène Royal prefers wing or the thigh, if Nicolas Sarkozy has a preference or not for tail and if Lang Jack keeps weak for the carcass. No one will not want to be in remainder. No one will not be miserly solutions. And there is extremely to bet that, this year, the croup of Charolaise will be a little scorned, it will be, hope for it, for the good cause, to save the die as well as... our health.

ETHICSGeorge Frèche has chance D finally welto live Languedoc-Roussillon and not the country of Perfidious Albion. Because it thus could insult the harkis presin all impunity without null commission not asking him for reason of it or punishment does not inflict to him. Whereas the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, him also socialist member of the Labour Party, excluded in 2000 then reinstated in 2004, is made suspend one month for in being taken to a Jewish journalist.
Admittedly, the President of Région N‘in A really not finished with this business since the minister delegated to Ex-serviceman seized Justice. But, here a few times, this file, if such an amount of is it is judged, will be forgotten just like were already the multiple mistakes of this turbulent Montpelliérain. The national office of the Party socialist, of course, condemned the "unacceptable " remarks of George Frèche, but with such mollesse that that plank sometimes derision. As for speaking exclusion, final or temporary, as in England, that still concerns Utopia in our country. Even Maxime Gremetz, who had formerly split crowd with his car at the time a reception in Picardy, had been bleached. Because, with the kingdom of the elected officials, France finishes by all forgiving, the judgments like the exactions, or by all to forget under the terms of the higher interests of… the parties.
It is not in the same way on the other side of the channel where the French discovered with stupor there was Adjucation panel, kind independent organization charged to judge the behavior of the local councillors. And this commission ethical clearly and unanimously affirmed that the mayor of London had missed " sensitivity ". This being known as with a very British decency, but with a rigour which makes desire.
Because to see the baron Frèche dodging after having treated the harkis submen whereas Ken the Red bails out a paperboard of the same color, to have compared a Jewish journalist to a guard of concentration camp Nazi, has something insulting for spirit and the memory. The two remarks are, indeed, synonymous the same ideology and do not deserve any excuse.
It is necessary for us thus to agree, once again, to receive a beautiful lesson of democracy and true republican respect. Even if that comes us … a monarchy.

VACCINEOne cannot being revolted by the discovery in Lozere, yesterday, of suspect layers. Because the birds were found died on a surface of picnic, the commune of… Chirac, undoubtedly " given up " by a stockbreeder or a private individual anxious to scramble the tracks. Or to make in the provocation. With the large injury of the department concerned and authorities which fear to have all to supervise, roads and hen houses. There remains about it less not acquired he will be necessary to avoid any propagation of the virus, as well by accident as by… embezzlement. And without half-measure. as much as, once more, the contamination already thwarted all the geographical forecasts. Thus, whereas one awaited the aviary influenza in the great west, all the glances concentrated on the Moors, Loire-Atlantique and the Vendée, it is access arrived by is. And in force. And if the official statement of the ministry made state moderately a " strong mortality ", reality is even more serious since several rumours already made state a mortality of more than 80% in this breeding of Ain which counted nearly 11.000 turkeys. Totality has destroyed elsewhere yesterday without delay. It remains that, aujourtoday, failing this being completely under control, this last department is from now on under complete surveillance.Tant elsewhere for its ducks, its hens and its œufs that for its turkeys. And one speaks already to extend vaccination to chicken of Bresse.
But, on this subject, is it necessary to protect or destroy ? It is question which disturb. Thus, whereas the French government, by the voice of its minister Dominique Bussereau, is beaten so that Europe gives its green light to a vaccination, under conditions, of the poultries of some wetlands, certain stockbreeders raise the voice to decline the puncture and to prefer containment to him. It was necessary to doubt it. Because these stockbreeders fear not only that the vaccine " kills " exports, but it can also kill… marketing in France. Because which will want, tomorrow, to consume a vaccinated chicken ? Who will want to taste œufs of the same source ? With guaranteed softened aviary influenza, quality control mark and suitable veterinary certificate.
The French indeed retained, since Pasteur, who the vaccine is " a microbe culture with attenuated virulence that one inoculates with an individual or an animal for to immunize ". Then, they are pleased that one thus thinks of protecting the poultries, they know well that this is not by pure generosity and could fear that that succeeds, as in Lozere, to scramble… the tracks.

Ilan Halimi and Raphaël Clin died for nothing. But if one profits from now on from the national compassion, different does not even have right to quote on the antennas or if little. one was young, loved the pretty girls and telephony, different was a sportsman, loved his wife and the gendarmerie. was tortured wildly during three weeks in an apartment HLM of Bagneux, different failed several hours on a pirated road of the Caribbean.
Tous two were victims of barbarians without pity nor humanity. Anti-semites perhaps, racists surely and assassins at the end of the road. And the only difference between these new slags of mankind is undoubtedly until the ones took an active share with the drama whereas the others waited, even desired, it occurs. In a case, they killed and tortured voluntarily, in different, they attended the " spectacle " and even encouraged. imports the color of their skin or alibi of their community.
But, this evening, whereas Dominique de Villepin and Jacques Chirac go as a delegation to the large synagogue of the Victoire to Paris to surround the Halimi family, Stéphanie Clin will cry all alone in Saint Martin's day Marigot, with its 4 year old young girl, the death of his/her 31 year old husband. As if collective indignation could still be selective in front of such an amount of brutality. And as if one could put out of balance a side the weight of intolerable primary education anti-semitism in Paris and, different, the lightness of "ordinary " racism overseas.
This last vulgarizing is not acceptable. As it is not acceptable it took nine days for our Minister for Defense for to make indignant publicly, by a press release, death and conditions of anguish of this gendarme of the brigade of Backwater. And as it is worrying one needed any emotion and the protests a young widow so that the Metropolitan France can finally learn, for most attentive, that Raphaël Clin had died for nothing, under the insults and the applause forty our fellow-citizens of the Caribbean.
It was known already that racism and cruelty were of all the colors and all the countries. One was unaware of still they could be distinguished or choked in the same fatherland, by fear or… diplomacy.

RESPECTBetween aviary influenza and drives out with the " barbarian ", any other information appears quite ridiculous. And yet ! Yesterday, out of the cameras and the ram recoveries, Assemblée voted on with unanimity the senatorial private bill reinforcing the fight against marital violences. And this text which concerns nearly 2 million women in France, that is to say one on seven, takes all its dimension when it is known that, in our country, a woman dies every four days of the continuations of violences within the couple. Like Julia, died on the campus Orleans, Marie Trintignant, Sohane Benziane and so much different… Thus, and definitively, displeases some with old Iman de Vénissieux, it will not be regarded more as " normal " beating its wife, her concubine or even her old joint. Admittedly, violences between husband were already condemnable, but, this time, their "family " context in will be more regarded as aggravating circumstance.
But more still than the vote of this text, already evoked in first reading and " readjusted " according to the principle of the parliamentary shuttle, we should retain a small revolution. All the deputies present indeed greeted addition by the senators of the term " respect " in the traditional sentence, pronounced at the time of the marriages by the mayors, stipulating that the husbands mutually owe " help, fidelity and assistance ". Because this addition, which will not be official after examination by an equal Joint Committee and new vote in spring, constitutes to some extent a consent. Respect thus did not go from oneself in a couple, it is married or pacsé...
In fact, each one knows well it does not go from oneself nowhere in the current company.
Consequently, one can consider that is a progress. Almost a step of giant. Thus, for the first time since good a long time, one will dare to request from the adults what one despairs to do to hear with the children. is a little as if the national representation had discovered that incivility of youth passed access, and in priority, by education of their parents. And not opposite...
Would the company be changing ? One can from now on hope. Remain to wish that the law be quickly voted and that one gives itself also the means of making it… respect.

Monday, April 03, 2006

gatha ChristieTo have grown with a regular mode of Nancy drew, the robust boys, and Agatha Christie (I started to read it when I was approximately 8), I find this particularly interesting. I had been enough lucky to inherit an old relative on the side of my mother, a whole paperboard of soft-cover books of Agatha Christie, the majority of them completely old. The pages had yellowed and become rather fragile, and sometimes the corners literally broke with far. In certain cases, the pages had been detached while the obligatory adhesive renonçait with the phantom. Nevertheless, it was an almost complete unit then (I later achieved it with my own purchases), and I plowed by these books, often reading 1-1/2 or 2 in day. Now I know why. Nowadays, unfortunately, the name of Christie expresses a blow of pain in me, for some share during one of my much of movements, the paperboards containing it that the books obtain lost. It always wounds to think approximately.

Yesterday afternoon and a part of
Yesterday afternoon and a part of the night we had chiggers of brain (snow) and whereas I could not say we had all the major drifts of chigger which I can honestly say that it became really white. Naturally it disappeared while the sun emerged the next day - the day following the significance today. of Sundayeth. The chiggers of brain encouraged me to think of the back in manner eras ago when I worked in a north little mall of rock, I had the night shift due to damage of arm (long practice of the life) and thus the interesting owners wanted to continue me to function rather than let me rest controls of drawing of unemployment. I was not allowed to help the cleaning of night to be used as team-member but to go the floor and to ensure themselves of the doors were locked, seek pre-soak with the sectors where the kids leave thats of easily not wiped sugar refinery and this which-node. A new type was rented and the owner of night asked me to take this type on my walkabout of mall to familiarize it with the place. The new type asian porn became VERY with the current of the place and felt exact at the house. It even reached more in an open kiosk and seized the Key-ring silver plated sterling purtiest that I never saw, and it did it without concern that I was with him, and was pilot of this event. Now - it should have made as the majority of the swindlers make and stole it while lookin of wudnt of I '. I guess it appeared that I was a facility or a wimp which would not hold its water on confrontation. "Yo - type! What think you you are doin '?" I broke. "man I was obtained a fresh principal chain. What is it with the phenomenon of ya? You gunna sell the wick outside to me?" It tried to give me a threatening gleam, and I obtained to admit that it was quality of ball of basket in the face and ugly like sin. "standard - its step a question of the saddles, to sell the wick or of ratting. A its question of I will not imprison while an accomplice with you seize a keychain $15, and I does not lose my cover of work for you. You have two choices. One - give the keychain. Two - I call the pirns of wire on this radio "- and supported my radio for the emphase.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Sniffle SniffleOne for sure sign that the kids are back in school is that without fail, within the first month of school they’ll bring at least one virus home with them.Corey was the first to get sick but I thought it was nothing more than a heavy case of seasonal allergies. Then Anthony started sniffling and sneezing and while I should have seen a pattern beginning, I thought that he too had severe allergies.It hit me day before yesterday and I was suddenly a believer in that whatever it was, it wasn’t allergies. The first day left me with a throbbing earache and a heavy head cold. Yesterday I had every intention of fighting it off and not giving in to it but it threw me such a sucker punch that it was all I could do to get out of the bed.My fever finally broke this morning and from time to time I’ve broken out in some serious sweating which hopefully means that it’s leaving my system. I managed to get the housework done and even got the rest of the yard mowed since we’re getting the outer rain bands of the latest hurricane and it was do it today or have no choice but to wait a week to get it done.The two youngest boys are completely recovered and I still haven’t figured out why it didn’t hit them as hard as it got me. Nick came out of his room this morning to get ready for school, took a few steps, pronounced that he too was now sick and went back to bed.Of course I noticed today that the leaves are already beginning to turn on some trees so that means that the allergies aren’t too far off now.